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One of the most important things anyone can do for their family and loved ones is to create a comprehensive estate plan that accounts for the future. An estate plan prepared by Norton Health Law can provide you with the tools you need to leave behind important instructions for how you wish to be treated toward the end of your life and protect your family’s interests in your estate.

Many estate plans begin by drafting a will and/or establishing a trust. If you think you are too young, healthy, or not wealthy enough to have either a will or trust, think again! Everyone should plan for the future regardless of their age, health, or wealth. Norton Health Law’s wills and trusts attorney near Staunton can help you ensure your estate would be distributed as you intended, your minor children would be placed with a guardian you trust, and family heirlooms can remain in your bloodline.

If you want compassionate legal support that can help you come up with a will and/or trust customized to your needs, reach out to Norton Health Law for a free consultation. Call (434) 216-4020 or contact us online!

We Can Help You Prepare a Will

If you wish to avoid circumstances where the state’s laws will determine who your heirs are and how much of an inheritance they should receive, you should draft a will. Dying intestate – without a will or any kind of estate planning – can cause family strife and lead to a more complicated probate process than you may have otherwise intended.

By creating a will, however, you can spell out important pre-determined decisions, such as the following:

  • Who you wish to inherit property, including relatives, friends, and charities
  • How much property you wish to give to your heirs
  • Who should be your minor children’s legal guardian?
  • Who should take ownership of beloved pets?
  • Who should execute your estate?

Wills may be at risk of being disputed during probate if they are improperly prepared, witnessed, and signed. Even an unclearly worded will can generate conflict or an unintentional disinheritance where you neglected to include someone in your immediate family. That’s why it’s crucial to have someone like our wills and trusts attorney near Staunton help you through this process.

Establish a Trust to Secure Your Loved Ones’ Future

Unlike a will, a trust becomes active as soon as it’s created. People establish trusts for a variety of reasons, but one tends to stand out: trusts can avoid probate. By funding assets and property into the trust during the grantor (trust-maker’s) lifetime, it is removed from their personal estate and placed in control of the trust. This process skips probate, allowing property to transfer to the trust’s beneficiaries upon the grantor’s death without dealing with the courts.

There are many different kinds of trusts that serve just as many purposes, but it’s important to know that most are revocable or irrevocable:

  • Revocable trust terms and assets can be changed by the grantor, who can also benefit from the trust’s property during their lifetime (such as a revocable living trust).
  • Irrevocable trust terms and assets cannot be changed by the grantor and are essentially locked in. This has important asset protection and tax benefits that can preserve wealth for future generations.

Contact Us for Legal Support

Our wills and trusts attorneys near Staunton at Norton Health Law can provide the legal support you need to make the best possible decisions for your family and loved ones. If you’re thinking about beginning your estate plan by creating a will or trust – or amending existing documents – we can help!

Contact us online today and ask how you can schedule a free initial consultation!

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