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I came to Beth Norton Health Law at my wits end. My health insurance was denying me the Proton Radiation Therapy that my doctors said was the only kind I should have, claiming it “wasn’t medically necessary”. I had exhausted all the internal appeals through the Insurance Co. The next option, that is your right to have, is to request an External Review outside of the insurance Co. Beth is very knowledgeable about the External Review process, and thank goodness I had her to speak on my behalf! Beth was kind, empathetic and listened to everything I presented to her. And I brought EVERYTHING for her to review. Beth’s presentation to the Board of Insurance was researched with articles about my type of cancer and a POWERFUL letter stating why the denial should be overturned. And it was!!!! It’s scary to have a doctor you don’t know deciding your quality of life. Having Beth Norton in your corner is your best chance to getting the care you need and deserve. Thanks Beth. Forever Grateful.

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