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Norton Health Law, is available for house calls. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Beth Norton, principal attorney at Norton Health Law, has an office in my building. Her practice area overlaps to some degree with my own and she and I frequently consult with one another (while always carefully protecting any identifying information about clients or other parties!). I have an opportunity to watch her work, up close and am extremely impressed with Beth’s work. She is extraordinarily smart, creative, and hard working. She dots every ‘eye’ and crosses every ‘tee’ with precision and due diligence. I do not believe I’ve ever met another lawyer who is more dedicated to getting a great outcome for her clients. All the while she is kind, passionate and compassionate. She is also hilarious and fun to be around just as a bonus. But she is deadly serious when called upon to be so. Her background, first as a registered nurse in cardiac care, now combined with her exemplary skills as a lawyer, are a sure fire winning combination. If you have a concern about anything health related: medical malpractice, billing or insurance disputes, disability (SSA and VA) benefits and appeals to name just a few, she is the lawyer for you!

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1441 Sachem Place Suite 2
Charlottesville, VA 22901
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