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Our Charlottesville Team at Norton Health Law

Our team at Norton Health Law is led by Founding Attorney Beth Norton, a multitalented legal representative with many years of experience helping Virginians with their healthcare needs. Our philosophy rests on the idea that great healthcare sometimes requires great legal representation. As a patient, you have rights when you receive medical care, submit insurance claims, or seek compensation for injuries incurred at work. Sometimes, those rights are not honored.

Having previously represented the corporate side of healthcare at several prestigious Virginia law firms, Attorney Beth Norton realized that patients are the ones who most benefit from excellent legal representation. Her time as a nurse helped her understand the day-to-day and long-term needs of patients and the importance of healthcare unencumbered by legal disputes. Today, she leads Norton Health Law with the express purpose of representing the consumer side of healthcare.

Our team at Norton Health Law includes:

  • Beth Norton, Founding Attorney, a personable yet fierce advocate ready to fight for her clients; she was raised in Virginia and has worked in the state for much of her life, earning her law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law
  • Roseanne M. Yowell, Business and Case Manager, leaning on her 25 years of experience developing strong client relationships and providing a comprehensive approach to financial and life care management to an aging population.
  • Vince Prior, Esq., Associate Attorney, like his father and our founding attorney, Vince embarked on a legal career after previous experience in other service-related industries with the express purpose of impacting individuals in the community in a meaningful way. He graduated from Washington and Lee School of Law and is focused on estate planning, estate and trust administration, elder law, consumer health law, and litigation matters.
  • Kayla Witt, Legal Administrative Assistant and Intake Specialist, whose customer service background and attention to detail with previous work in her family’s wholesale business creates confidence that both new and existing clients’ specific needs will be recognized and communicated to our legal team in their pursuit for legal guidance
  • Laura Ross, Client Relations Specialist and Director of Recruiting, leveraging her 30 years’ experience in business development to create lasting relationships that reflect the legal team’s mission to advocate for health and peace of mind
  • Grace Chatham, Administrative Assistant, whose organizational talents create assurance that clients’ matters are treated with utmost care and confidentiality

We champion patient advocacy in consumer healthcare above all else and will do whatever it takes to achieve a positive outcome in your case. We have substantial experience in numerous areas of consumer-focused healthcare law and frequently draw upon our attorney’s time in corporate healthcare law to anticipate how the opposition will attempt to fight your case.

Some of the consumer healthcare law areas our team can help you with include:

Regardless of your situation, Norton Health Law is committed to fighting for you and protecting your rights as a patient. If you feel your rights have been violated, are struggling to get what you are owed, are facing invalid charges, or just need help planning for your future care, we have the knowledge, compassion, and legal skill to help.

 Call us (434) 978-3100 or contacting us online.

A Voice for Those Who Cannot Be Heard.

Why Choose Norton Health Law

  • Patient AdvocacyWe are genuinely committed to advocating for the wellness & financial health of all clients.

  • Clinical BackgroundAttorney Beth Norton was a cardiac nurse before going to law school. Her advocacy for clients allows her to save lives one patient at a time from the legal end.

  • Straightforward CommunicationWe ditch the legal jargon! We make sure to distill complicated legal and medical concepts in a way that you can fully understand.

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