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Norton Health Law is committed to improving the quality and length of your life by advocating for you today and helping you plan for your financial and healthcare future. Our Charlottesville attorneys help navigate clients through the complexities of Estate Planning, Probate, Elder and Disability Law, and Consumer Health Care throughout Charlottesville, VA.

Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney in Charlottesville

Promoting Wellness Through the Law

Everyone should have a plan for their future. Building a robust estate plan can help prevent conflicts from arising and ensure you and your loved ones’ interests are protected for whatever situation life presents. No matter your circumstance, our team of Charlottesville attorneys at Norton Health Law is determined to help.

Should you experience a healthcare-related dispute, you deserve a fierce legal advocate to defend your rights. Whether you are up against an insurance company, government agency, medical provider’s billing office, or long-term care provider, we are here to support and vigorously protect your interests using every legal tool available. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and like you are at a disadvantage relative to the size and might of these entities, but our attorney has a full understanding of Virginia’s healthcare system and can fight for you.

At Norton Health Law, we are passionate about protecting consumers in healthcare-related cases that focus our legal services on our patient needs. Our founding attorney, Beth Norton, has a unique background that gives our firm a competitive edge in handling healthcare conflict. Before becoming a lawyer, Beth served as a nurse and nurse-leader in two Virginia hospitals. She became skilled in understanding her patients’ immediate and long-term needs as well as how to communicate complex medical jargon into digestible language. After law school, Beth spent 6 years training under some of the best healthcare attorneys in the Commonwealth, representing healthcare providers in regulatory compliance, malpractice litigation, and contract matters. All along, though, her legal training was to prepare her for her real purpose and passion, patient advocacy, which she began when she became a nurse.

Our team is ready to assist you with your healthcare law needs. Call (434) 216-4020 or contact us online to start the conversation.

Offering Health Care and Estate Planning Services

What is Consumer Health Care Law and what is consumer-driven health care? Health Care law is simply a legal practice that focuses on the laws that involve people's health and the delivery of health care. Some of these laws are federal laws, such as the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"), HIPAA, and the Social Security Act, which provides both Medicare and disability benefits. Some health care laws are state laws, such as the Virginia Healthcare Decisions Act, the Virginia Medicaid laws and regulations, and the laws and regulations that govern the practice of medicine in Virginia. Some health care law is not associated with a specific statute or regulation at all but are rules handed down by judges in our courts, such as most of the law governing medical malpractice and healthcare contracts.

Who is a health care consumer? As a patient, taxpayer, or purchaser of a health care or disability insurance plan, you are the health care consumer. Norton Health Law only represents consumers in health care related disputes. Insurance companies, corporate health care providers, and government agencies all have teams of experienced health care attorneys on their side and consumers are at a serious disadvantage when there's a dispute with one of these entities. To succeed in such a dispute, you need an experienced health care attorney who can quickly assess your situation and guide you to solutions. Our founding health care attorney, Beth Norton, has had distinguished careers in both health care delivery and health care law, and she will use her experience in both to empower you with the knowledge you need to choose the solution that is best for you. Her unique background gives her clients a competitive edge in health care conflicts.

In addition to helping you with the health care issues you face today, our attorneys in Charlottesville, VA from Norton Health Law are committed to helping you plan for a healthier tomorrow.

A lot of people think health care and estate planning are only for the very old and/or wealthy, but that's not true. Yes, the need to plan certainly becomes more urgent as we age and accumulate more property, but a health care emergency can incapacitate you at any point in your life and even if the only things you own are your TV, cell phone and car, you have an "estate."

And if you have children or pets, it's extremely important you make decisions about who will care for them and how they will be cared for if you were no longer able to take care of them yourself. If you don’t plan ahead, all these decisions will be made for you by someone else, often a judge, who may or may not make the same decisions you would.

Failing to plan may also cause your loved ones unnecessary money, time, and stress, particularly if the courts have to get involved.

Health care and estate planning ensure that you and your dependents receive the care and protection you both need, and that your wishes are met without causing your family additional pain.

Our team of attorneys in Charlottesville, VA are ready to assist you with your healthcare law needs. Call (434) 216-4020 or contact us online to start the conversation.

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Our Team
  • Beth  Norton Photo
    Beth Norton


    Beth Norton is the founding attorney of Norton Health Law. Before starting her firm, Beth served as a nurse in various leadership positions in two Virginia hospitals. After encountering the many challenges healthcare providers and patients face in the healthcare environment, however, Beth decided to pursue a career in healthcare law and obtained her Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia. Having trained for several years with some of the very best healthcare attorneys in Virginia, Beth is uniquely equipped with the experience and knowledge necessary to advocate for patients, elders, and those with special needs in Virginia.
  • Cori  Bedois Photo
    Cori Bedois

    Paralegal, Special Projects Manager

    Cori was born in Chesapeake, Virginia and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She then moved to Virginia Beach, where she graduated from Landstown High School in 2012. After high school, Cori was accepted as an Echols scholar at the University of Virginia, where she studied Russian politics. After leaving UVA, she worked in the animal care industry for several years before beginning her career as a paralegal at Norton Health Law in April 2019. Cori is currently studying to earn a Bachelor of ...
  • Mary  Wade Photo
    Mary Wade

    Nurse Paralegal

    Mary grew up in Albemarle County. After graduating from University of Virginia School of Nursing, she worked at New York University Tisch Medical Center on the medical surgical step-down unit. During her time in NYC, she earned a degree in health counseling to coach patients in preventing and better managing chronic diseases to live healthier, longer lives. This holistic focus has ever since informed her years of nursing. She settled back in Charlottesville to raise her young children, caring ...

How We Can Help You

Our team is able to assist you with your immediate, urgent health care issues as well as proactively planning for the future of your health care and financial needs.

Our Charlottesville consumer health care & estate planning lawyer can assist you in any of the following legal areas:

  • Consumer Health Care Law, including disputes with health care providers, health insurance companies, health care employers, government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Elder Law, including long-term care, assisted living or other elder housing disputes, estate and long-term care planning, Medicare and Medicaid claims and payment disputes, elder abuse and neglect, and conservatorships and guardianships.
  • Wills Trusts and Estates, including health care and estate planning and administration, probate, probate avoidance, Advance Medical Directives and Powers of Attorney.
  • Disability and Special Needs Law, including disability insurance claims (private STD/LTD policies and Social Security), ADA and state disability rights claims, state and local social services agency disputes, and special needs planning, including Special Needs Trusts, SSI and Medicaid.

In each of these areas of the law, our founding attorney Beth Norton uses the knowledge and expertise she gained from years in a corporate health care law practice to anticipate how the other side will attempt to dismantle your case and she'll leverage that understanding to build the strongest strategy for your case. Beth's history as a nurse gives her insight into your needs and understanding about what you and your family are going through. And having suffered a debilitating spine injury herself while working as a nurse, she understands the importance of great health care. Beth is able to review your legal options in simple, clear terms to equip you with the knowledge you need to make the decisions that are best for you and your family.

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Our team will not rest in fighting for your rights. We do not back down easily and are not intimidated by the size or resources of the corporate providers, insurance companies, and government agencies we typically go up against. We want to make sure you know you are protected when you choose us as your legal representative. We understand how the uncertainty surrounding a legal conflict can compound whatever medical issue you are experiencing, and our goal is to shoulder the burden and make your life easier.

Our Charlottesville Consumer Health Care Attorney can give you the legal guidance you need for your healthcare situation. To learn more, read our articles or call (434) 216-4020 to speak to a member of our team.

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