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Charlottesville Elder Law Attorney

Advocating for Virginia’s Elders and Preparing them for the Future

Growing older means accepting new challenges, some of which may involve conflicts specific to the elderly and many of which will require the assistance of an experienced elder law attorney. We all want to make sure our loved ones are protected as they grow older, especially if they become less able to make decisions for themselves. There may be a need for a legal advocate familiar with the problems elders face.

Charlottesville Estate Planning Lawyer

Helping Virginians of All Ages Plan for Their Futures

Everyone should have a plan for their future. Building a robust estate plan can help prevent conflicts from arising and ensure you and your loved ones’ interests are protected for whatever situation life presents. No matter your circumstance, our team of Charlottesville attorneys at Norton Health Law is determined to help.

Building and maintaining an estate plan is one of the most compassionate things you can do for your loved ones. A plan allows you to implement tools to protect you while you are alive and safeguard your assets. Estate planning gives you the peace of mind that your wishes will be honored. It also protects your loved ones from uncertainty once you do pass away.

Charlottesville Probate Attorney

Helping Virginia Clients Navigate Probate

When someone passes away, debts will need to be paid, property distributed, and paperwork filed through estate administration. Most estates will go through some level of probate in order to be considered “settled” in the state of Virginia.

What is Probate?

Probate entails both a financial and legal process which disperses the property of a deceased person to the state in which they live. In order to avoid probate, a person must assign their assets to a loved one in their will prior to passing away.

Charlottesville Consumer Healthcare Attorney

Advocating for Patients Throughout Virginia

Should you experience a healthcare-related dispute, you deserve a fierce legal advocate to defend your rights. Whether you are up against an insurance company, government agency, medical provider’s billing office, or long-term care provider, we are here to support and vigorously protect your interests using every legal tool available. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and like you are at a disadvantage relative to the size and might of these entities, but our attorney has a full understanding of Virginia’s healthcare system and can fight for you.

Charlottesville Health Insurance Claims Attorney

Assisting Virginians with Health Insurance Disputes

Insurance gives us peace of mind that there are contingencies should the unexpected occur. Smart, proactive insurance policies can provide lifelines to individuals and families in crisis, especially in scenarios where injuries are long-lasting or keep someone from returning to work. Bills do not stop coming just because you have been injured or required medical care, and insurance claim awards help bridge that gap.

Charlottesville Disability Rights Attorney

Helping Virginians with Disabilities and Special Needs Live a Better Life

The federal and Virginia legislatures have each enacted laws that protect and provide benefits for people living with disabilities and special needs, temporary and permanent. Norton Health Law has extensive experience with these laws and is prepared to guide you through them and get you all the help to which you’re entitled.

Norton Health Law Homepage Team Banner May 2024

Our Charlottesville Team at Norton Health Law

Our team at Norton Health Law is led by Founding Attorney Beth Norton, a nurse-attorney with many years of experience helping Virginians with their healthcare and financial needs. Our philosophy rests on the idea that a healthy future requires great legal representation. We take pride in representing our elderly, disabled, and healthcare consumer clients and their families, providing them with peace of mind and wise, compassionate counsel when facing matters of life and death.

Our team at Norton Health Law includes:


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